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Intelligently Different

Intelligently Different

Brilliant Seltzer takes hard seltzers up a stylish notch, creating complex, luminous, edgy drinks inspired by traditional cocktails and visionary new flavor trends. It’s not your grandad’s Old Fashioned, and it’s not something you chug in a parking lot. Brilliant Seltzers are carefully crafted, globally minded, and something to experience.

Luminous Flavor

At Brilliant Seltzer we push the envelope of flavor, and create bold, innovative moments for our consumers. 

Our craft seltzer is created with a gluten-free alcohol base, seltzer water, and the boldest cocktail flavors. 

About Brilliant Seltzer

The hard seltzer field is a crowded one. So, why do they all seem the same? Same flavors, same styles, same crazy neon-highlighter colors. Yet, for those not in the mood to enter the craft-beer labyrinth—or sugary, booze-forward cocktails—there is an answer. Brilliant Seltzer is serving upmarket options that won’t bore you to tears and won’t slow you down.  


We explore the best traditional cocktail flavors like Moscow Mule and Mojito, while exploring international traditions that feature mint, basil, and other complex combinations that take some risks and make some noise. With a firm focus on ingredient quality, our seltzers are balanced, free of unnecessary additives and excessive sugars, and designed for active people who want to gather, engage and make every moment count. Have a Brilliant Seltzer. 


Live bright.


Live Bright

  We encourage all people to shine their brightest with our healthy
and flavorful alternatives to higher calorie beverages.

Living your brightest? Share your story with the #LiveBright and share it with us.


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Live Bright!

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